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Horizontal Gene Transfer Detection - Consensus scenario

Consensus HGT computes a consensus scenario of horizontal gene transfers for
the given species tree and group of gene trees.

Paste your species tree in the Newick format:

Species tree file Pasted

Paste your gene trees in the Newick format:

Gene tree file Pasted

Example :
Data example 1
Woese et al. (2000, gene pheRS, 32 species + 100 replicated trees for bootstrap)

Display HGTs with support of  % and more
Select the root of the species tree
(if the root of the species tree is not specified in the Newick string and the checkbox is not checked, the tree will be rooted by midpoint)
Note : if the root of the gene tree(s) is not specified in the Newick string(s), the tree(s) will be rooted by midpoint.
HGT detection mode   several HGTs by iteration
  one HGT by iteration
Optimization criterion   Bipartition dissimilarity    
  Robinson and Foulds distance

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