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Protpars (PHYLIP)

Paste your protein sequences in the Phylip format into the window (no spaces in the species names; at least one space is required in the end of a species name):
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User input Tree options
Search for best tree
Tree file

Compute options
Search option
Number of trees to save
Use Threshold parsimony    Count steps up to   per site
Use which genetic code
Outgroup root Outgroup :

Weights options
Sites weighted
Weights file :

Bootstrap options
Analyze multiple data sets Number of sets:
Randomize input order of sequences
Random number seed : Number of times to jumble :

Output Options
Print out steps in each site
Print sequences at all nodes of tree

Felsenstein, J. 1989. PHYLIP - Phylogeny Inference Package (Version 3.2). Cladistics 5: 164-166.

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